All children are welcome to join our Awana clubs regardless of their background. Awana clubs meet on Fridays at 7:30 pm (till 9:30pm).

Awana clubs are designed for children from 2 years old till high school students (up to grade 12). At WCA, we have the following clubs:

Our prayer is that all children and youth throughout the world will come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ


age 3-4



T & T







The content of the Awana program focuses on raising a modern-day Joseph. The curriculum focuses on the themes of respect, wisdom, grace, destiny, and perspective. See below for the full schedule of the evening.

Bible Stories & Verses

The Bible is a major focus area in Awana with the goal to cover all books of the Bible throughout the different ages. There is a big focus on memorizing verses and ensuring the clubbers understand the major themes of the Bible.

Christian Songs

The clubbers and leaders join in singing during large group time, and closing ceremony. The songs are a combination of Awana songs for the specific clubs, and general Christian songs.

Practical Life Lessons

As the clubbers grow, the lessons focus on building a Biblical world-view to enable the clubbers to see their life from God’s point of view. The Awana lessons are tailored to different ages to ensure the clubbers can apply the lessons in their practical life.

Fun Games and Activities

Awana is fun. The children enjoy different games in their clubs, or in the gym, during the games time. In addition, they enjoy getting gifts from the tuck-shop based on the coupons they accumulate through attendance and participation.

Opening Ceremony

The weekly club meeting begins with the opening ceremony. This consists of singing the O’Canada, the Awana Theme Song, and an opening prayer.

Large Group

A time for a Bible lesson, worship, recognition, skits, or anything else that would bring growth as a whole.

Small Group

A time for discipleship, individual prayer and requests shared, and Scripture memory.


A time to have lots of fun and for leader to encourage and get to know their students in a different environment. This is a great way for a small group to cheer on their teammates and work together- whether through games, crafts, puzzles, or team building activities.

Closing Ceremony

All clubs and ages join together at the end for a time of worship, announcements, and dismissal.