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We invite you to join our AWANA clubs every Friday at 7:15pm (till 9:30 pm).

We will have lots of activities including singing, stories, and games. 

What ages are eligible? 

Anyone from age 3 till 17 (grade 12). The program is divided into the following clubs:

  1. Cubbies: for kids ages 3,4
  2. Sparks: for SK, grade1, and grade 2 students
  3. T & T: for grade 3, 4, and 5 students
  4. Treks: for grade 6,  7, and 8 students
  5. Journey: for High School (grade 9-12) students

My family does not attend WCA and I am not a member, can I still attend?

Anyone can attend the AWANA clubs outlined above regardless of your background or religion. Everyone is welcomed.

 For more information, check AWANA section in this web site.

 Is there a registration fee for AWANA?

Attending AWANA at WCA is FREE. If you would like to receive AWANA uniform and the clubber handbook(s), then there is a $20 fee for the whole year (Sept  till May). Note the cost of $20 applies to the first child and it is only $15 for any other siblings.

When did  AWANA start at WCA?

The first AWANA session in WCA started in September 2009.


AWANA Calendar 2018/2019



04 No AWANA Clubs (Christmas break)
11 Start of winter session
18 Mustache Night
25 Bible Character night (dress up)
February 01 Parents Night
08 Tuck shop
15 No AWANA Clubs (CORE Conf)
22 Noah's ark (animal dress up)
March 01 No AWANA Clubs (T&T Bible Quiz)
08 No AWANA Clubs (March Break)
15 Sports Nights
22 Tuck shop
29 Canada flag (wear red & white)
April 05 Favorite Toy/Game Night
12 Popcorn Night
19 No AWANA Clubs (Easter Conf.)
26 International Night (ethnic dress-up)
May 03 Ice Cream Night
10 Tuck shop
17 Awards Night (with parents)
24 No AWANA Clubs
31 No AWANA Clubs





Kids for Christ for Life

Ultimate Browsers SupportOnly 10-15% of youth have a biblical worldview by high school.

69-94% of young adults will walk away from the church.

92.7% of AWANA alumni continue to attend church meetings.



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